Learn From The Past

i5 Services' goal in this phase is to eliminate clients' need for future recovery efforts in over 25 payables and receivables categories. i5 Services takes the headaches out of managing multiple recovery partners. In the past, companies engaged specialty recovery partners separately, limiting possible recoveries. Now, companies can access multiple recovery partners through one provider: i5 Services. All recovery services are managed through i5 Services' powerful online dashboard, where clients and all recovery providers proactively set challenging goals and work to maximize recoveries together.

ServiceImg The recovery process's greatest benefit is knowledge. i5 Services' approach maximizes recovered revenues needed to implement improvements and prevent future losses. Knowledge allows companies to implement improvements, prevent future losses, and correct root causes to costly problems. This allows them to set and exceed aggressive recovery targets. i5 Services provides not only end-of-audit recovery reporting, but real-time monitoring through customized dashboards. This increases understanding, vision, and insight into recovery processes and root causes, increasing clients' ability to take corrective actions.

i5 Services' Recovery Categories

The following is a sampling of more than 20 recovery categories i5 Services examines:

  1. Statements
  2. Duplicate Payments
  3. Freight
  4. Tax (Sales, Use, Property, Fuel, etc.)
  5. Utilities
  6. Telecommunications
  7. Contract Compliance (warehousing, sub-contractors, leases, etc.)
  8. Pricing
  9. Vendor subsidies (Discounts, allowances, rebates, volume incentives, billbacks, etc.)
  10. Refunds, returns, defective merchandise, etc.
  11. Payroll
  12. Imports
  13. Escheatment
  14. Expense (p-card, t-card, etc.)
  15. POS/Scan
  16. Merchant Services
  17. Remittance from 3rd Party
  18. Commissions/Credits/Royalties
  19. Insurance adjudications
  20. Insurance payments
  21. Dormant receivables
  22. Other customized payables and receivables areas

The i5 Difference

Other companies offer a handful of recovery services. i5 Services is the only continuous improvement company that services all recovery, savings, and improvement needs. Whether you use your own recovery providers, or i5 Services' specialty partners, clients can manage all of their recovery efforts from a single location.

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