Monitor the Present

In the recovery phase, i5 Services' experts identify where companies need prevention monitors in over 20 recovery categories. This information forms a roadmap to substantial savings opportunities. When identified, i5 Services empowers clients with class-leading monitoring technologies that measure prevention and savings.

ServiceImg Top Experts i5 Services has enlisted the top savings experts in the industry to identify savings opportunities, and to show our clients how to significantly reduce costs beyond mere internal cost-cutting measures in areas like:

i5 Services' Recovery Categories The following is a sampling of more than 20 recovery categories i5 Services examines:

  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Fleet

Please visit the case study on savings to learn how i5 Services helped one client improve their savings by over $675,000 on parcel spend in just one division of their company. They did this after the client had already negotiated $250,000 in savings, bringing their total savings to over $925,000.

With unmatched Dashboard monitoring technology, i5 Services' clients and their recovery partners can monitor virtually every area of concern from anywhere they have Internet access. Standard Dashboard modules prevent errors in duplicate payments and sales and use taxes. Others optimize early payment discounts and more.

i5 Services' monitoring software empowers companies to:
  • Detect and correct accounting errors before they become collections
  • Identify and deter fraud
  • Improve compliance with regulatory agencies and internal controls
  • Improve vendor relations by resolving issues quickly

Like an eagle spotting prey high above the desert floor, i5 Services' proprietary software gives decision-makers an eagle eye view of important accounting actions and detailed information within 3 mouse clicks or less.

Visit our Case Studies page on Improvement to learn how we improved one national car rental and sales chain's cash discounts by over 3000%.