Valuable Partnerships

Improving companies' bottom lines is our objective at i5 Services. We enlist specialty partners with unmatched experience and expertise. Incorporating our partners' skills gives i5 Services' clients superior information and greater opportunities in recovery, savings, prevention, and improvement.

logo Brookside Group is a spend management services firm that empowers businesses to achieve market pricing and terms for a number of their larger indirect spend categories, including transportation, technology, fleet, telecommunications, and utilities. Brookside achieves significant results through market data, proprietary tools, and industry-specific experience.

logo Promontory Management Group, Inc. provides continuous process improvement analyses, training, and project coaching using their patented QuikSigma® methodology. They are a results-based organization specializing in supply chain optimization, corporate turnarounds, Six Sigma, Lean-TPS, and Theory of Constraints.

logo Sales Tax Experts offers value to clients through the recovery of lost profits due to sales tax overpayments. Sales Tax Experts get results. They perform analyses, collect documentation, and recover funds. Sales Tax Experts has over ten years of experience in recovering overpaid sales taxes. They also represent clients in sales and use tax audits with great success. They provide additional services in fuel taxes, property taxes, and state income taxes. Richard Van Komen, CPA, owns and manages Sales Tax Experts, and has a Master's Degree in Accounting. He is a former auditor of the Utah State Tax Commission, and has in-depth understanding of most states' tax laws.

logo Complete Communications has access to dozens of communication providers and services. They can provide the best rates and services for everything companies need from MPLS, to VOIP, to Ethernet, and more. Complete Communications is an authorized agent with all of the top service providers in the nation, and have everything businesses need for high quality, smooth running telecommunications. They can find companies the most competitive pricing and products on the market today.

logo Strategic Audit Solutions (SAS) provides the expertise of a large recovery firm to all companies, including those that the largest firms typically will not service. Few companies match their accomplishments. Their services cover all claim categories. They dig deeper than the competition to deliver optimal results. They tailor their programs and services to meet clients' unique objectives. SAS delivers fiscal results and process improvement recommendations.

logo The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Utah (MEP) provides companies with services and access to public and private resources that enhance profitability and growth, improve productivity, and develop companies into sustainable enterprises. MEP assesses the needs of manufacturers. They identify their roadblocks to success, opportunities for improvement, growth, and how to leverage private and public resources. They access a consistent set of services to maximize a company's potential to prosper. MEP's field staff customizes plans to fit the needs and goals of their clients, helping companies tackle short-term issues and long-term transformation plans. From the production floor to the boardroom, MEP Utah helps manufacturers build better products.

logo National Auditing Services (NAS) is a leading and highly respected nationwide consulting and auditing firm. Specializing in reverse sales and use tax recoveries. With over 10,000 state and local taxing jurisdictions, each with complex and ever-changing regulations, few companies have the resources to ensure that they have correct tax procedures in place. Unlike State audits that focus on the monies that companies owe, NAS looks for monies that others owe to them. In over 17 years, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in overpaid taxes for our clients. Every state has a statute of limitations, and immediate action is crucial. Each day that companies wait, monies are lost forever. They do all of the work, analyses, research, filings, to include all follow up correspondence. Additionally, NAS works with our clients to capture future savings.

logo Transportation Impact specializes in contract benchmarking, distribution analysis, and carrier negotiations. They help companies negotiate contracts with small parcel carriers. They educate them on how to save money, obtain better discounts, and find hidden cost-saving opportunities that others overlook. They draw insights, knowledge, and information from a staff composed largely of former UPS and FedEx senior sales and pricing managers. The staff at Transportation Impact has over 100 years of combined transportation industry experience at UPS and FedEx negotiating contracts for other carriers. They know what clients need and how much they can save. Their references validate positive savings ranging from 15-25%.

logo EnTelegent Solutions, Inc. is a managed solutions provider that holds a unique niche in the world of telecommunications. They help companies better manage their communications infrastructure. They claim over one century of combined experience, each member of the executive team bringing over 20 years of industry experience. They offer invoice consolidation through EnTele-Bill, and the ability to manage multiple services and vendor environments through EnTele-Manage. In today's challenging business environments, leveraging resources effectively is important. EnTelegent Solutions delivers a cost-effective solution for invoice processing and change management.

logo The Payment Source addresses the needs of online businesses and retailers of all sizes. They take the confusion and difficulty out of setting up merchant accounts, while making the process easier and more affordable for businesses. The Payment Source brings innovative technology, industry-best customer service, and unbeatable pricing to companies looking for online merchant accounts, credit card processing, and mobile credit card processing solutions. The Payment Source has strong relationships with banks and credit card processors. They work to get companies approved with low rates, saving time shopping around.

logo Utility Solutions experience in utility consulting spans over ten years. They deal with scenarios ranging from simple billing errors to faulty utility meters and everything in between. That experience helps them discover costly errors in utility accounts. They find any errors in past utility bills, correct them, and arrange refunds from the utility companies, with interest. Utility Solutions also analyzes utility accounts for opportunities to reduce monthly costs and avoid additional company capital expenditures.