Building technology that changes industries and improves the bottom line for our clients since 2009.

From the most comprehensive database of manufacturing data in the US, in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers in Washington DC, to a facilitated workshop training that empowers people to eliminate unproductive meetings, i5 Services provides solutions that are creating a significant impact to businesses throughout the US.

How We Got Started

Our founder, while working for a former employer, helped one of the largest airlines in the world recover close to $40M per year and deter an estimated $120M per year with an innovative technical solution. With a nice severance package during the downturn of the economy, he started i5 Services with the mission to create solutions that change industries and drive direct savings to the bottom line for his clients. We now have many talented people and solutions creating value for our clients everyday.


Our current technologies include:

For manufacturers:

– The Manufacturers Marketplace ( helps to shorten supply chains and increase sales

– i5 Insight provides transparency and reporting integrated with existing systems that drives continuous improvement

– We are in the process of helping to create the first US standard for manufacturing processes

For all companies:

– Facilitated workshop training is significantly reducing costs by eliminating unproductive meetings (small local company with less than 50 employees has seen a $250k annual improvement and increased employee engagement)

– Daily monitors in accounts receivable, duplicate payments, cash discounts, statements, and fraud prevention are providing direct and immediate benefits to the bottom line for our clients

To learn how i5 Services can help your company, contact us.